10 Reasons Why Single Sign-on is a Must for all Companies

A single sign-on solution, or SSO, will help you keep up with the new world of IT. How do you make your high capacity employees even more productive, and your company ultimately more successful?

Simple, give them freedom and responsibility.

How does IT not get in the way?

Give your teams the freedom to implement what they want. If IT is not on the offensive, providing great service than staff will circumvent the system.

Old school IT required users to find an application or not find an application, submit a ticket or contact the help desk, wait and then get frustrated and work around IT. In the new world you go to a portal, you find something, you sign up for it, IT has automated the network flow with one password, one user ID. All of a sudden you have access to the application and are on, being productive.

10 Reasons Why Single Sign-on is a Must for all Companies

  1. Roll out different applications to different groups of people.
  2. Adhere to SOX controls by maintaining the password explorations policies.
  3. Streamline employee on boarding and offloading. If someone leaves the company, you can remove their access to all apps at once.
  4. Control on-premise vs off-premise access.
  5. Provide access to accounts without disclosing any usernames or passwords.
  6. Monitor login activity to keep your teams on track.
  7. Connect to authentication to streamline the roll out of devices such as tablets or laptops.
  8. Provide a conduit not only on premise but also between cloud applications.
  9. Use multi-factor authentication of apps that don’t support it.
  10. It’s simple, easy to use and your employees will love you for it.

As the number of URLS and passwords that people have to maintain only increases, having one set of credentials managed internally is a huge win for both IT and the end-user. Security is greatly increased & workflows are optimized.