Celebrate Safer Internet Day with a Security Checkup and Free 2GB on Google Drive

For the second year in row, Google is giving away 2GB on Google Drive.

Google chose today as the freebie day to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016. In order to sign up to receive the free 2GB, all you have to do is visit this Security Checkup site to go through four security verifications such as two-step verification and account recovery information. Once that’s complete, you are gifted 2GB! If you participated last year, don’t fret, this offer is available again.

The security checkup begins with an option to add a phone number for Google to contact in case of suspicious activity. After that you can verify that all of your connected devices are correct and belong to you. From there, Google sources all of the apps, websites, and devices that are associated with your account. You can choose to remove any items from this list that you no longer use or shouldn’t be included. The last step is a review of your 2-Step Verification settings. If you don’t have this set up on your account just yet, take the time to consider this security setting. With Google Apps, it’s easy to set up and ensure that all of your data is secure.

Once you’ve completed the security checkup, your screen should look similar to this: