IT Support Guide

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Support Desk Portal

In the Support Desk Portal, you can open tickets, see what’s going on with your tickets and request a new computer. We monitor the tickets closely during business hours. You’ll also find detailed guides to common issues and configurations (like how to set up email on your iPhone).

Support Email

You can also email an issue to It helps us solve your issues faster if you title the email with your chief complaint, include a brief description of your issues, a copy of any error code, a screenshot if it helps, time and phone number to call you.

Support Phone

Or if you have something more pressing you can reach us by phone at 604-239-2182.

AFTER-HOURS SERVICE: Call the same number, 604-239-2182, and you’ll be connected with one of our on-call support technicians. We’re always available for help, whether it’s an emergency (no one can work), or a non-emergency (everyone can work but you need help with something). Please note that non-emergency calls will be billed with a $450, 2-hour minimum.

We provide your organization with IT Services. Think of us as your in-house IT team

After Hours Support Phone

We even provide emergency support after business hours via the same phone number (604-239-2182 and press 9) but please keep in mind that we enjoy our time off as well! We consider an issue an emergency, when there’s either an imminent security threat or multiple people, are unable to work (for example, the office internet is down or the server is down).

Non-Emergency Afterhours support is available at a rate of $225/hour and there’s a two-hour minimum. 


After closing a ticket, we will request feedback. While we appreciate receiving all 5-star reviews, we won’t be able to improve our services without knowing what you felt we could have done differently. If you leave a review with 3-stars or less, Alfred Chan, our CEO, will be reaching out to you to make sure our services exceed your expectations. 

Feel free to contact me, especially if you don’t feel like we’re not exceeding your expectations. 

Ticket Priority and Response Times

High: 1 Business Hours Maximum

  • Multiple Users are unable to work
    • Eg. No one in the office can connect to the internet.
    • Eg. The Accounting Department can’t access the server.
  • Potential Security Breach
    • Eg. I clicked a link and entered my password, but now I think it’s a fake site.
    • Eg. Someone is sending emails under my name.
    • Eg. I think we’ve been hacked.

Call us or add Urgent to the email title to quickly get our attention.

Medium: 8 Business Hours

  • Individual User are unable to work
    • Eg. My laptop won’t power on.
    • Eg. My Outlook isn’t loading any emails. 

Low: 3 Business Days

  • Scheduled
    • Eg. Please set up a computer and email for a new employee.
  • Individual
    • Eg. Can you please install this application?
    • Eg. Can you please give me access to these folders?
    • Eg. Can I get a new computer, please?
    • Eg. Can you please move my computer to a new desk?

Issues that do not significantly impede your ability to work should be scheduled. If you indicate a specific required due date or time for the requested IT Task, we will work accordingly to meet these deadlines, so long as at least one business day notice is given and the time provided is considered reasonable for the task requested. Examples of these issues are a new user account creation, folder permission modifications, and new computer setups.

Onsite Support

Fastest solution, on

Unsupported Devices

Cloud Collective will make every effort to support devices for business use but in order to guarantee service levels, there are some devices that aren’t covered by the service agreement. Support and configuration services provided for these devices below may be charged at an hourly rate and they do not qualify for guaranteed response times. Your supported devices may vary depending on the service agreement.

  • Personal Hardware
    • Eg. Home Computers, Printers, and Networking gear
  • Personal Software
    • Eg. Windows Home Edition
  • Hardware Issues on devices without an active warranty
  • Vendor unsupported software or hardware
  • VoIP or LAN Wiring