Why Email Backup and Archiving Is Important for Business

Microsoft 365 (M365) and Google Workspace are now the ubiquitous cloud email platforms, but few people are aware that these services do not back up your data; you are responsible for protecting your company’s data. Your data is stored there as copies, but there are no backups or ability to recover from a specific point-in-time. Today, email backup is a need for all businesses, but as the legal environment changes, some industries may need to invest in email archiving to maintain compliance for data that is crucial to their operations.
Email backup is the procedure of keeping a duplicate of your email data in a centralized on-premises or cloud storage place for the goal of recovering it in the event of a ransomware attack or even an unintentional deletion. However, the majority of email backup systems can extend to storing files and folders in addition to your email data. Email archiving is a procedure for effectively organizing, storing, and finding data from the majority of email systems. The main goal of email archiving is the long-term data storage required for ongoing audits and compliance requirements. The following industries are the ones that employ email archiving systems the most frequently:
  • Law Firms
  • Mining
  • First Nations
  • Engineering, Construction, and Architecture (AEC)
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services for Real Estate
  • Business Why Education
The above article would be used as marketing material and to communicate to our clients why they need back up and archiving for M365.

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